‘Soft on Nature’ Jumbo Splash Kitchen Towel


Nova Tissue’s new ‘Soft on Nature’ budget Splash Kitchen Towel is one of the first eco-friendly kitchen roll products on the market following the increasing demand for and the need to produce more sustainable hygiene products that are still affordable. Made from responsibly sourced trees converted at a zero-emissions paper mill and then manufactured and wrapped in plastic-free, 100% home compostable potato starch packaging by us in the UK, it saves 864,000 sheets of plastic (6 tonnes!) per year. ‘Soft on Nature’ Splash Kitchen Towels are 20% thicker, heavier and more absorbent -so you only have to use one sheet for spills, rather than have to double or triple up! Find out more about the ‘Soft on Nature’ range (we also produce eco-friendly toilet paper!) and our partnership with UK Charity TREE AID on our Soft on Nature page.

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